Monday, April 25, 2011

Being a girl, becoming a woman (Part 2)

The young photography is as close as it can get to documenting the little pleasures of daily life. Full of innocence but also with strong perspicacity young artists’photography is like a bubble balancing between dream and life, between reality and fiction, between a personal diary and a children’s book. With surprising maturity and distance they often describe their own life. They recreate personal stories from little details that surround them. Through their lenses they express their feelings and try to answer the questions that fascinate them.
Anastasia Cazabon
Anastasia Cazabon belongs to that type of photographer who likes to create stories with images. A story she has first dreamed and imagined sequence by sequence. Like a child playing with dolls and imaginary friends she recreates little adventures with her friends. Her photography explores the ideas of children friendships and childhood memories. While each image tells a story by itself, when they are all put together they become this little magic tale. Reality and fiction become one like in a children’s book where we can become the heroes.

More on Anastasia Cazabon:
An interview of Anastasia where she talks about her work:

Elise Boularan
Young French photographer Elise Boularan also likes to tell stories. Stories where time seems to have stopped for a minute or for an hour. With her Polaroid she captures suspended moments and researches the silence and the secrets of her life. Real moments become memories and thoughts that she combines in diptychs and sequences that invite us into our own souvenirs. She is interested in the poetry of the body, its imperfections and its limits. Entering deep in Elise Boularan’s images is like retaining your breath and trying to define the unseen, to describe a passing thought forgotten the moment we try to speak it out loud.

More on Elise Boularan:
An interview (French only):

Christina Maria Oswald


Christina Maria Oswald is German and she lives in her own unique world, unexpected and full of little details that make her happy. Her humor is shifted, her images are surprising. She sees the things that we don’t see. She likes to play with colors and shapes. But behind simple innocent images she investigates things around her and subjects that fascinates her, from modernity and tradition in China, to family bonding or the cohabitation of man and nature. Her images are like her poems, simple, straight forward alive, evocative and always on the edge. 
‘The rain-wet streets were silent
the birds had gone
as if you showed them
how to flee

Familiar feeling
fucks me
once again’

China (2009)
Being 2006/2007
(No) Paradise lost/Paradise 2.0 (2008)
Hybrid (2008)
Some about Granny (since 2006, ongoing)
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