Thursday, December 29, 2011

I made a list or six...

It’s that time of the year again. A time when we look back at the year we spent and a time when we try to look into the future and plan what next year will be made of. A time when we reflect on what we’ve accomplished this year and what we’d like to accomplish for the next one. A time when we like to make lists. Best of, wish list, good resolutions… But why do we like to make lists so much? Because it’s easier to highlight a few things we liked, a few moments we enjoyed, a few things we think might happen in the future than to look back into the narrative of our lives or try to imagine a story not yet written. Also probably because we’d like to keep track of a few references witch have put rhythm into our lives. By making lists we can forget the flow of events, the consequences, we can finally reduce 365 days into a best of we want to remember.
Seeing so many lists around I started to wonder about mine. Why would I want to make a list? And what should I include in this list? Why making my personal list when so many people already have? Well I guess making a list, any list is a personal statement. You can read more into a list than just the words it represents. Every choice should be important and should represent something not to forget. The power of a list is probably less in what it represents now than what it might mean in 2, 5 or 10 years. For me it is definitely more about a personal introspective than about what it might mean for others…
So here we go, here is my 2011 best of in 6 top 6… in photobooks, photo sites, photo projects, tumblrs, TV series and music. They all represent an inspiration, a memory, a milestone that I’d like to not forget! (And believe me, it’s a lot harder to make a top 6 than a top 20… sorry to all missing great ones…)
Top 6 photo sites/blogs
-       Wayne Ford’s posterous:
-       LPV magazine:
-       A photo editor:
-       David Campbell:
-       Des livres et des photos (the printed space): and in English:
-       Burn magazine:
Top 6 tumblrs

-       It’s never summer by Wayne Bremser:
-       MPD by Mark Drolet:
-       Urbanautica by Steve Bisson:
-       Photojojo:
-       This city called earth by Nigel Christian:
-       One year of books:
 Top 6 photobooks
-   A by Gregory Halpern (J&L Books).:
- Gomorrah Girl by Valerio Spada (Cross Editions):
-  Sasha  by Claudine Doury (Le Caillou Bleu):
- Is this place great or what? by Brian Ulrich:
- American Studies, by Jim Dow:
- Deck of chords by Lauren Henkin & Kirsten Rian:

Top 6 photo projects
-       Laos, Tomas Van Houtryve on emphasis:
-       Postcards from America (Magnum):
-       Prison photography on the road on kickstarter by Pete Brook:
-       Flak photo & photobooks networks on facebook by Andy Adams: &
-       Fototazo by Tom Griggs:
-       The indie photo librairy by Larissa Leclair: 
(Once magazine should also be in this list, but I don’t have an ipad yet…)
Top 6 TV shows
-       How to make it in America, season 1
-       Treme, season 2
-       Breaking Bad, season 4
-       Community, season 3
-       The good wife, season 1
-       Sons of anarchy, season 4
Top 6 music albums
  • Metronomy - The English Riviera
  • Lykke Li - Wounded Rhymes
  • Keren Ann101
  • Arctic MonkeysSuck It and See
  • Chromeo - Business Casual
  • JusticeAudio, Video, Disco

Happy New year everyone!!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Is green the color of silence? (part 1)

It’s been a while since I wrote my last post and a lot has happened since. I launched Carte Blanche website and opened Carte Blanche gallery & bookstore in San Francisco. I’ve been so busy with these exciting projects that I didn’t get (or take) the time to concentrate on writing. But since I started this adventure, and searching, looking around, discovery, questions and answers I find through photography have became part of my life.
So once again after excitement and the stress of the launch, I turned to photography to find a moment of quiet and peace. And as I was wandering through photographic projects and experiences I found what I was looking for. A silence, a pause, a time to think and resource myself.
Lauren Henkin
For Lauren Henkin, silence is an orchard but it’s actually while I was looking through her series of cards (deck of chords) that I started to realize the relaxing power of photography. By flipping through Deck of chords, you find the peace of looking through train windows. The images of her series The lines between us ravel in front of your eyes or inside your head until you reach this strange state of mind between being awake and asleep, between reality and memories. The speed of the train, the souvenirs of the place you’re leaving and the thoughts of the place you’re trying to reach, all images are blurred, the landscapes escape the reality and take intangible soft colors. The images follow each other until they become part of your dream… Project after project and series after series, Lauren Henkin’s beautiful photography brings serenity to our lives.
© Kirsten Rian and Lauren Henkin, Deck of chords
© Kirsten Rian and Lauren Henkin, Deck of chords
© Lauren Henkin, Silence is an orchard
© Lauren Henkin,  Still standing, standing still
© Lauren Henkin, Displaced: part II
 More on Lauren Henkin:
Loic Thisse
 Loic Thisse finds his inspiration in the forests and the swamps around Toulouse in France. He takes us on a quiet walk through empty silent places and leaves us there. He loses us in the middle of it right when we can only hear the wind in the leaves and when the vegetation takes over on the sky and the light. His peaceful images enter our minds like a song and our souls like a prayer coming from above, dictated by Mother Nature herself. Loic Thisse finds beauty in dark swamps and peace in dark forests and makes us walk on a thin line between reassuring and scary, between dream and reality.
©Loic Thisse
©Loic Thisse
©Loic Thisse
©Loic Thisse
©Loic Thisse
More on Loic Thisse:

Stéphane Martinelli, The vegetal project
 Stephane Martinelli is a French photographer who mixes photography, ecology and science. In his project statement Stephane Martinelli asserts an inventory of the vegetal world and wants to provide photographs to document and help scientists or institutions to illustrate their work. But for me the vegetal project seems to be more than that, it’s an invitation to meditate and an initiation into the vegetal world. It’s a series of images that sublimate nature. In every image there is a world to be discovered, a world of elegance and aesthetic, a world of plenitude. The plenitude of silence.
© Stéphane Martinelli
© Stéphane Martinelli
© Stéphane Martinelli
© Stéphane Martinelli
© Stéphane Martinelli
More about the vegetal project: