Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Being a girl, becoming a woman (Part 1)

As much as I enjoy strong somber approaches I believe that the pleasure and the power of photography reside in its diversity: in the multiple forms and aspects it can take, in the multiple photographic languages used by  artists, in the multiple emotions it creates.
After exploring our deepest darkest limits, I’d like to let photography take us on a dreamy journey, I’d like for a minute to stop looking at fears and open our mind to simple beauty and femininity.
Just because it feels good and refreshing to look at vibrant, soft or dreamy new photography… For a moment we can escape reality to discover a word of lightness and poetry.
But also because behind dreamy beautiful images appear questions and emotions of a new generation of women from around the world. Their style and images define a certain vision of what it’s like to grow up in today’s world. It gives the opportunity to discover their feelings, memories, daily life. It’s our chance to open and read the private diary of young women of our time.
Maia Flore
Entering the strange dreamy world of the Young French photographer Maia Flore is like opening the doors to the world of Alice in Wonderlands. It’s like discovering a new universe that could only belong to our childhood memories. The soft color palette of her images makes you feel rested and joyful.  Her feminine touch and even sometimes the girly naivety of her images remind us that we still have the right to dream without limits. Life can be as happy as you want as long as you don’t allow yourself to be blasé.
From her series ‘Sleep Elevation’ to her ‘Diary’ images she helps us escape in a magical or simply poetic world. 

Maia Flore is represented by VU agency: www.agencevu.com
She was also part of the Circulations festival (a pan-European festival for young Photography) in February in Paris: www.festival-circulations.com
Liu Xiaofang
Liu Xiaofang’s photography is like a fairytale. It tells the story of a little girl in a white dress with a red scarf. It takes us on a soft and sweet journey through modern and ancient China. Influenced by ancient Chinese paintings her dreamy landscapes meet the current Chinese economic growth and its frenetic construction projects. Like a balloon flying between sky and see sea?, her Remember series images float between past and present. This is again an exploration of nostalgic childhood memories and the secrets of innocence. Like a kid who doesn’t want to grow up, Liu Xiaofang questions the absurdity of life, its illusion and disillusions.  

Liu Xiaofang is represented by 798 Photo Gallery in Beijing: www.798photogallery.cn
She was also selected in reGeneration2, tomorrow’s photographers today :www.aperture.org

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