Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Who is the Singled Person?

While I was finishing my post about the ‘Dark side of Photography’, I finally received a little photo book I ordered a few weeks ago from a Spanish independent bookseller, The Singled Person. The timing is great. This is the perfect transition.
The Singled Person was initially a simultaneous projection of eight videos from eight photographers: Michael Ackerman, Morten Andersen, Lorenzo Castore, Thorsten Kirchhoff, Peer Kugler, André Lützen, Hisashi Murayama and Filippo Romano.
‘They share their different visions of the singled person. Yet, who is this singled person: the photographer, the subject or both?’
The little book is a succession of images, without titles, captions or comments. The images follow one another to lead us through an intriguing journey. It’s not about the colour or the black and white. It’s not about the format or the size of the images. It’s not about the subject of the photography, its context or the name of the photographer who took it. The story it tells is not linear and sometimes doesn’t seem to make sense at all. Some images are so blurred or abstract that it takes time to understand what is in front of our eyes.
But I believe it’s the story of a day and night on earth. It’s the wanderings of silhouettes and shadows in a mysterious urban night. It’s about contemplation, solitude, isolation, relationship, love and passion
It’s the swirl of life.

Behind each image there is a question, a memory, a second or an eternity. It’s a poem written in images, with its rimes and its melody.

Hisashi Murayama "NeWorld"

André Lützen "Loch im Kopf"

Hisashi Murayama & Filippo Romano

Peer Kugler "Nothing At All"

Filippo Romano "Phishing Memories"

This little book was published in 2009 by the German publisher Schaden:
You can also order it from Dalpine:
Dalpine is an independent publishing company and reseller focused on selling self-published books and books produced by independent publishers. Dalpine is based in Madrid, Spain. Founded in 2010, Dalpine is focused on photobooks and zines and their aim is to make these publications easily accessible to everyone.
More info, more photos and a video presenting the initial project: 
And as this little book has made me discovered new incredible photographers, you can expect more about them on carte blanche’s blog soon…

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