Wednesday, May 4, 2011

31 contemporary photographers by Lens Culture

Lens Culture is an online magazine celebrating international contemporary photography, art, media, and world cultures. For the 2d time this year they’ve organized an international photography award and received more than 6,500 photographs from photographers in 47 countries. The winning images will be exhibited in San Francisco, Paris and New York.
In San Francisco the opening took place in Gallery 291 last week.  It was a success and I recommend that you check the exhibition in NY or Paris if you can!

The selection is rich and diverse, fresh and inspiring. 31 photographers, 31 talented artists with very different styles and approaches to photography.
3 portfolios winners, 3 single image winners, and 25 single image honorable mentions: that’s a lot to discover so here is a teaser for the show as well as I guess an expression of my personal experience… of course I’ve added a bit more insight and images, because when you enjoy what you see, one image is never enough!
Louisa Marie Summer  (3rd prize – Portfolio Category)
Louisa Marie Summer is a young German photographer who manages to capture emotional portraits and simple daily situations with incredible trueness, respect and tenderness. She arrived in the US with the idealistic vision of the American dream and discovered a country in despair. Her series Jennifer depicts the daily life of a family in Rhode Island. Through her lens we enter the private secrets of their home and share moments of incredible emotions with them. Terribly humanist, both joyful and sad, always full of hope, her images deliver a powerful testimony of life in the margins of capitalist prosperity, far from judgmental stereotypes.
Her series Youth in the Republic of Georgia shows another powerful side of her documentary work. Again she gives the sensation of being part of the scenes she photographs and offers an emphatic look on this specific population without voyeurism or clichés. 
  More on Louisa Marie Summer:
Martine Fougeron (Grand Prize – Single Image category)
Martine Fougeron is French, but she has been living in NY for 10 years. She used to be creative director for a perfumery, but she’s now a photographer. She is also a mom. A mom who follows her teen boys and their friends and depicts their private life in New York. Through their portraits and spontaneous snapshots she tells the story of wealthy teenagers anywhere in the world. Between youth and maturity, Tete a Tete reveals the universality of that phase, of that quickly changing age between innocence, frivolity, consciousness, discomfort, friendships, first loves… 
  More on Martine Fougeron and Tete a Tete:
 Adam Magyar (Honorable Mention)
The work of Adam Mayar is captivating. I’m not sure I fully understand how he produces such images, but he manages to capture the details of human life in urban environments to create beautiful, precise, intriguing tableaux of humanity. He explains that he ‘capture[s] man's finite time in infinity.’ He explores time, energy and rhythms. He unfolds the city and the man-made environment to analyze people’s reactions, interactions but also to recreate situations and relationships that never existed in real life. Both surreal and so full of reality his images make us wonder about our place in the world, the speed of our lives, our ultimate aim…
#7283 - New York
#03621 - Tokyo

Urban Flows

More on Adam


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