Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Tendance Floue (Blurred Trend/Tendency)

2011 is the 20th birthday of a French Photographers Collective called Tendance Floue.
Created in 1991 by 5 photographers with the desire to stay independent and keep  control over the content of their work, they are now 14 photographers who have a common vision on Photography in today’s world.
The identity of the Collective is determined both by the personality of each photographer and by the fact that they have projects together. Of course each photographer has his own personality and his own point of view, but since the beginning they also have the strong desire to share their experiences, their stories, their outlooks on the world. As engaged photojournalists concerned by social situations and political subjects, they depict the world through creative, artistic eyes.
They have “the strong belief that interactions between pictures can create a language; that the bringing together of 14 personal ways of perceiving the world and its hazards is the key to defining a more objective outlook. Tendance Floue’s language is to be found in the dialogue between photographs.”
Together, they participate to thematic projects, organize common exhibitions, create a publication named, “Made in” – China (2007), India (2008) and France (2009-10).
The 12 photographers + 2 new recruits
Pascal Aimar
Thierry Ardouin – co-founder
Denis Bourges – co-founder
Gilles Coulon
Olivier Culmann
Bieke Depoorter - new
Mat Jacob – co-founder
Caty Jan – co-founder
Philippe Lopparelli
Bertrand Meunier
Flore-Aël Surun
Patrick Tourneboeuf – co-founder
Alain Willaume – new
It’s hard to present the work of 14 artists in 1 article, some here are a few pictures to show the type of work they do. Of course, I’m more sensitive to some photographers than others, but I really like the concept of this Collective, so today’s post is about the Collective as an entity, I’m sure I’ll come back to individuals in the future…

‘This utopia is still alive. And its fragility is more than ever a space of freedom.”

Thierry Ardouin
Philippe Loparelli
Pascal Aimar
Patrick Tourneboeuf
Olivier Culmann
Mat Jacob
Gilles Coulon
Denis Bourge
Flore Ael Surun
Bertrand Meunier

Caty Jan

To celebrate their 20th birthday, the work of all the artists of the group – excluding the 2 new members – is currently presented in 5 Paris galleries, from February 5th to 22th.

Baudoin Lebon : Thierry Ardouin, Flore-Aël Surun et Patrick Tourneboeuf
Galerie Les filles du calvaire : Pascal Aimar et Mat Jacob
La galerie particulière : Gilles Coulon et Philippe Lopparelli
La petite poule noire : Bertrand Meunier
Hôtel de Sauroy : Denis Bourges, Olivier Culmann, Caty Jan et Meyer.


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