Thursday, February 3, 2011

Henri Cartier Bresson

The first photographer mentioned on this blog had to be Henri Cartier Bresson.
First because he was the first reason of my passion for photography. I discovered photography through one of my friends, who as a photographer views HCB as a true master, maybe the best in the world. And then because I had the chance to visit a great exhibition of his work at SFMoma:  “The Modern Century”  - a retrospective of his stunning career featuring more than 300 images. Unfortunately the exhibition ended last week end…

Father of modern photography, he invented a new way to take pictures, combining art and journalism as no-one before him. His images feature mostly every day life but through his camera each scene became magic and beautiful. He had an unique way of capturing the perfect moment, the ‘decisive moment’ that makes an ordinary moment extraordinary. The tenderness of his look on the world combined with the perfect precision of his composition make each of his images a masterpiece of beauty and harmony.

‘Taking a picture, it is putting one’s head, one’s eye, and one’s heart on the same axis.’ - HCB

Learn more:

“I’m a bunch of nerves but I take advantage of it in photography. I never think. I act, quick, like this and uhh. You have to forget yourself, you have to be yourself and you have to forget yourself, so that the image comes much stronger.” HCB

Interview in EN:

Photographs and a few words from HCB in English.
More videos of HCB explaining his work are also available on youtube, but only in French.  They’re great to watch, of course better if you understand the language:

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